Lesser Known Architecture: Cabmen’s Shelters (Photography Theo Simpson)

Work / Exhibition

Architecture: Design Museum celebrates London’s under-appreciated wonders

Have you ever popped out to pick up a pint of milk and inadvertently found yourself captivated by the neo-classical detail on the lamp-post outside the corner shop? Have you actually?

Well, dear reader, the Design Museum’s new free exhibition as part of the London Festival of Architecture caters perfectly to your structural fancies! Shining the spotlight of intrigue onto buildings too often overlooked in favour of, say, Big Ben, or the London Eye, Lesser Known Architecture looks to celebrate under-appreciated examples of architectural splendour in and around London. Think subways, arcades and oil refinery jetties, creating something of an alternative sightseeing map of our lovely capital.

Lesser Known Architecture is at the Design Museum from June 4 until July 22.


Lesser Known Architecture: Crystal Palace Subway (Photography Theo Simpson)


Lesser Known Architecture: Occidental Oil Refinery Jetty (Photography Theo Simpson)


Lesser Known Architecture: London Underground Arcades (Photography Theo Simpson)


Lesser Known Architecture: Bevin Court (Photography Theo Simpson)