Liam Barrett: Hammer and Nail

Work / Illustration

Get seduced by Liam Barrett’s events posters – fun guaranteed!

If you’re the sort of person that gets seduced by a fancy invitation to a party then you must have been to the Old Blue Last pub on account of Liam Barrett producing the completely seductive posters promoting some of the nights there. I mean seriously, this guy; he could make a party in a cardboard box factory look enticing (although on second thoughts, that does sound quite fun). Bristol-based and involved in pretty much every illustration event going, Liam is part of a group of young illustrators who like nothing more than to produce smile-inducing prints and sketches all the live-long day. 120% fantastic.


Liam Barrett: Events posters


Liam Barrett: Woman (side view)


Liam Barrett: Events posters


Liam Barrett: Sketchbook


Liam Barrett: Monkey


Liam Barrett: Events posters