Linda Huang: Facing The Wave (detail)

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Good-looking updates from New York-based book designer Linda Huang

The It’s Nice That team recently discussed which discipline we cover on the site would we most like to be brilliant at (it’s the kind of thing we do to wile away the final, dragging hours of these dark winter afternoons). After the appropriate amount of consideration (charts, cost/benefit analysis and the like) I plumped for book cover design and that led me down a little book-design-reminiscence and that led me back to Linda Huang.

We first posted Linda’s work on the site back in 2013 and so obviously her portfolio includes a host of new work since then. Linda splits her time between in-house design at Vintage & Anchor Books, Random House, and her freelance work and although seemingly working solely on book jackets the versatility of her practice is really remarkable. She clearly takes time to think about the right treatments for each title and the results are consistently interesting.


Linda Huang: The Dept. of Speculation


Linda Huang: Facing The Wave


Linda Huang: Gun Dealers’ Daughter


Linda Huang: My Age Of Anxiety


Linda Huang: The Natural Order of Things


Linda Huang: The Seventh Day


Linda Huang: Amor And Psycho