Little White Lies' exhibition of apocalypse-style movie posters

6 August 2014

The silver screen has never been afraid of time travel, or venturing beyond the end of the world as we know it. In the 1960s, Chris Marker’s short film La Jetée transported us to an age following the Third World War in a devastated Paris of underground dwellers; in the 1980s it was the turn of The Terminator to journey back and forth in time; and more recently The Road terrified us with its post-apocalyptic tale.

Inspired, thrilled, or trembling from head to toenail, ten artists have created a series of posters of classic apocalyptic films for Little White Lies’ exhibition Time After Time. It’s Nice That Graduate David Doran’s take on Children of Men is a corker, far better than the original in my humble opinion, and consistent with all his excellent work that we’ve featured on the site before. Lauren Humphrey – yet another of our brilliant 2014 Grads – took on Zombieland with her characteristically playful illustrations, proving that she can do macabre just as well as magical. French graphic designer Laurène Boglio’s reimagining of La Jetée’s poster is enthralling; this is one image which really makes you want to see the movie.

Time After Time runs at London’s 71a Gallery until 10 August, private views by RSVP only.


David Doran: Children of Men


Lauren Humphrey: Zombieland


Luke Brookes: Mad Max


Laurène Boglio: La Jetée

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