Lobulo Design: Closet for Arthritis Magazine

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Some superb updates from paper-illustrator extraordinaire Lobulo Design

Patience is a virtue I never really learned – people dawdling at self-service ticket machines is the quickest-fire way to make my blood boil – so I’m all the more wowed by anyone who can boast it by the bucketload.

Lobulo Design, split between London and Barcelona, got a lot of viral attention for his paper-cut Darth-Vader-as-a-saint illustration and he’s just updated his website with some mighty impressive new stuff. We knew he was adept at detailed renderings of domestic settings (see the illustrations for Arthritis Magazine) but the most eye-catching new piece is a tremendous book cover for Don Quijote as part of the 100 book covers to fight illiteracy campaign. A glorious abstract, technicolour piece that is a fitting accompaniment to such an iconic work and a nifty (yeah I said nifty) making-of video to boot.


Lobulo Design: Don Quijote for 100 book covers to fight illiteracy


Lobulo Design: Bathroom for Arthritis Magazine


Lobulo Design: Kitchen for Arthritis Magazine


Lobulo Design: paper Darth Project for Göoo Magazine.


Lobulo Design: Personal Project


Lobulo Design: Hospital for O The Oprah Magazine