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London Design Festival: Rounding off the week with a man who’ll save QR codes

We’ve almost reached the end of our week of London Design Festival podcast coverage and what a week it’s been! I ventured out for one final time and met Tony Quinn, a designer on a mission to save the QR code and spoke to Alex Bettler of DesignMarketo about his show inspired by the fragrant properties of pepper.

DesignMarketo’s show Perfume Sir? in Shoreditch is inspired by one of our most ubiquitous spices. Alex and his team gave designers including Lex Pott and Peter Marigold vials of pepper perfume and asked them to interpret it in any way they wished. The result is an interesting and eclectic collection of objects and it’s interesting to see the direction in which those involved have gone from their strange starting point.

Meanwhile as ever Tent London is full to bursting with designers of various shapes, but few ideas stood out more than Tony Quinn’s Aestheticodes. Tony has developed technology which allows any image to play the same role as a QR code (providing it adheres to a couple of simple rules such as not having big gaps). He believes that by opening up this world of visual possibility, brands will be far more willing to experiment in this somewhat derided area of interaction.