Lorna Simpson: Stereo Styles, 1988

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Art: Brooklyn-born Lorna Simpson’s Paris retrospective is both subtle and arresting

Lorna Simpson’s work combines text, photography, film and found objects with a seldom-seen poignancy which is as emotive as it is sincere. Known principally for her subversion of themes such as gender, culture and the black body in the 1980s and 1990s, she calls heavily upon ideas about perception and false representation within cultural identity. Perhaps the most arresting element of her work is the way she links fragments of text with images, reconfiguring the relationship between different media.

In her first ever European exhibition at the Jeu de Paume in Paris, Lorna shows work spanning 30 years, allowing viewers a rare opportunity to engage with her video installations alongside her better-known work. The show gives an arresting and very beautiful insight into the work of an artist who has slipped out of the spotlight all too often.

Lorna Simpson is at the the Jeu de Paume until September 1.


Lorna Simpson: Waterbearer, 1986


Lorna Simpson: Wigs II, 1994-2006


Lorna Simpson: The Car, 1995


Lorna Simpson: The Car, 1995


Lorna Simpson: Chess, 2013


Lorna Simpson: Five Day Forecast, 1988


Lorna Simpson: Cloudscape, 2004


Lorna Simpson: Please Remind Me of Who I Am, 2009