Luca Zanier: UN Trusteeship Council, New York (detail)

Work / Architecture

Photography: Luca Zanier lets us peek into the rooms where the world’s most important decisions are made

For centuries we have been fascinated by the architecture of power; indeed many of the world’s most visited tourist sites are structures from where religious, political and social power was once exercised. But what about the places which provide the backdrops to the decision-makers of today? Swiss photographer Luca Zanier’s ongoing project Corridors of Power takes us inside the very rooms where the contemporary power-brokers play, many of which seem straight out of central casting.

From the surprisingly colourful United Nations Security Council room in New York to the uber-futuristic French Communist Party HQ, and the space-age UN General Assembly Chamber to the preposterously pompous FIFA Executive Committee Room in Zurich (that’s the world football governing body for pity’s sake), Luca’s series makes us think about how organisations manifest their identities in the 21st Century.


Luca Zanier: UN Security Council, New York


Luca Zanier: UN General Assembly, New York


Luca Zanier: PCF French Communist Party, Paris


Luca Zanier: UN Room XIX, Geneva


Luca Zanier: UN Room XXIV, Geneva


Luca Zanier: FIFA Executive Committee, Zurich


Luca Zanier: UN Trusteeship Council, New York