Lucas Donaud: Night Sun

Work / Graphic Design

Psychedelic album artwork by French designer Lucas Donaud

When it comes to psychedelic album artwork, it sometimes feels like the very best might already be behind us – Wes Wilson, Mouse & Kelly and Rick Griffin already having worked through the golden era. There’s something reassuring about the knowledge that graphic designers are still looking for ways to incorporate psychedelic elements into their designs though, and French graphic artist Lucas Donaud is foremost amongst them.

The London-based designer has created artwork of records labels and bands including Curtis Harding, Night Sun, Novella and the Growlers, incorporating dribs and drabs of bold collage alongside optical illusion elements and hand-drawn type, resulting in an aesthetic that’s happy to pay homage to those masters of the 1960s and 1970s. Lucas describes his work as “aiming to relate a sense of kaleidoscopic aliveness and emotion” which seem suitably trippy too.


Lucas Donaud: Strange Hands, Dead Flowers


Lucas Donaud: Strange Hands, Dead Flowers


Lucas Donaud: Yebo Presents


Lucas Donaud: Yebo Presents


Lucas Donaud: Christian Bland & the Revelators


Lucas Donaud: Ranch Ghost


Lucas Donaud: Outta MInd


Lucas Donaud: Curtis Harding