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Lufthansa commissions Christine Yuan and Meredith Jenks to explore the concept of Heimweh

In the second instalment of a short film series commissioned by Lufthansa, director Christine Yuan and photographer Meredith Jenks have created a film that follows New York-based jewellery designer Arpana Rayamajhi to her former home in Nepal. Titled The Colours of Home the film explores the concept of “heimweh” – a German term figuratively describing a melancholic version of having a strong bond to a place.

The film, shot over the course of a week in high definition, sees the designer visit her homeland, sharing her story of how she came to leave and deal with the topics of belonging, heimweh and longing for her childhood home and her cultural roots in Nepal.

We see Arpana contemplate the vast, epic landscape of the Himalayas and Mount Everest, as well as her journey through remote towns such as Pokhara. Arriving back at her hometown of Kathmandu, the designer seeks to re-establish her personal and creative identity through the heritage of strong Nepali women.

The campaign, #inspiredby HEIMWEH, launched last October with a video about two brothers from Japan who now reside in Denmark.

With the #inspiredby HEIMWEH campaign, Lufthansa aims to showcase personal definitions of home and the feeling of belonging of individuals who are part of a fast-changing world. The intended result is to recognise the potential of travel to form identity while changing direction: not to travel away from a place, but towards it.