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Meet the Kingston Graduate who’s blowing everyone’s minds, Luke Evans

Say hello to the guy that everyone’s talking about, Luke Evans. A Kingston Graphic Design and Photography graduate, his work was picked up by Saatchi in his second year and has since produced work for Rankin’s Hunger magazine – not bad! Luke’s scientific background gives him a curiosity to explore and challenge, making his projects exciting and daring and often unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. In Forge he takes the audience to a far, unknown land using just his kitchen table and some household items. Clever lad. Read on to find out what he’s been up to and what he’s got up his sleeve…

Why or who or what made you go to art school?

I always thought I’d be a scientist—but then I got my first camera. I left sixth form prepped to do Physics, but then I took a big step back and thought about what I actually _wanted_ to do. During my A-Levels I started collecting fashion magazines, going to exhibitions, and then eventually fell in love with photography and art. I put the spaceman dream aside, enrolled on a Foundation course, and hoped for the best.

Tell us about your best project

I always say that the next one will be the best. At the moment I’m trying to turn lightning into glass, stalking myself on London’s CCTV cameras, sourcing the most deadly plants on Earth, and documenting the world’s car washes. My best work comes from tapping into something anyone can understand – film, electricity, everyday objects – then twisting them into something new.


Luke Evans: Forge


Luke Evans: Forge

Tell us about your worst

I’d say only about half of what I do sees the light of day, which I guess is true for a lot of people. I remember spending three days trying to catch a pigeon with my friend Marianne. We didn’t have a container or anything so we used one of those old, ornate bird-cage-come-candle-holder things. Three loaves of bread and a Tom & Jerry sketch later, we caught one. We instantly felt super-guilty and let it go.

If you could show one person your portfolio, who would it be and why?

Jonna Lee – a Swedish singer and one half of my favourite band, iamamiwhoami. I’ve followed them since their early cryptic YouTube days and now they’re making their third studio album. I feel indebted to Jonna, and wish I could give her my work as a thank you. If I ever meet her again, I’ll be sure to have my portfolio in hand!


Luke Evans: Inside Out


Luke Evans: Xero

What was the best moment of your three years at uni (extra curricular included)?

Standing outside the Saatchi Gallery holding my work, waiting to meet the Director. It was the most surreal moment of my life. I’ll never forget it.

A lot is changing – would you recommend art school to someone who is considering going?

Speaking just from my experience at Kingston, absolutely – It changed me in ways that I couldn’t have thought of before starting. The biggest thing I learned at art school is that the ones who are successful are massively self-motivated; if you’re not doing something you’re mad about, it won’t happen. The art school experience, for me, was all about the awesome people I’ve been lucky enough to meet on my course. No league table or review will tell you that, you just have to go with your gut.

Finally, if your dreams come true, where will you be in a year’s time?

Either "here":http://media.giphy.com/media/EExVyl01EVD5m/giphy.gif, or in my own studio! Right now I’m looking for a gallery to start a relationship with to help me work professionally, and for my work to have a place to live. Over the past year I’ve started doing commercial and editorial photography, so I’d like to push this over the next year to help fund my personal stuff; I’d love to shoot a story for The Gourmand or GREY magazine. I have no idea where I’ll be, and that’s exciting. 


Luke Evans: Inside Out


Luke Evans: Photo Booth


Luke Evans: Photo Booth

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