Lydia Garnett: Agyness Deyn for COPSON ST

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Meet hunter and collector of beautiful street urchins – photographer Lydia Garnett

After leaving a Brighton photography degree with a slightly bitter taste in her mouth, Lydia broke away from the conceptual constraints of university and began doing what she truly felt passionate about – taking spontaneous portraits of people she is either particularly close to, or who she feels have their own entirely unique style.

Her portraits, often taken in collaboration with friend and fellow photographer Vic Lentaigne, depict young, strangely beautiful humans lounging around in cities with defiant glances at the cameras and cigarettes dangling from their lips. Lydia manages to capture these docile creatures in such a way that it looks as if they’ve just woken up and have no intention of making small talk – a tough, yet sweet quality that is a signature of Lydia’s true style which, with every shoot, seems to get stronger and stronger. Having recently shot Agyness Deyn for Copson Street clothing, the sky is the limit for Garnett, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.


Lydia Garnett: LGVL Presents Face


Lydia Garnett: Emmy


Lydia Garnett: Agyness Deyn for COPSON ST


Lydia Garnett: Agyness Deyn for COPSON ST


Lydia Garnett: Claire Barrow Lookbook


Lydia Garnett: Claire Barrow Lookbook


Lydia Garnett: Ellesse x COPSON ST


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