Lydia Kasumi Shirreff: Still Fruit Life

Work / Set Design

Set Design: Lydia Kasumi Shirreff is queen of paper sculpture

I spent a solid hour on Sunday afternoon trying to fashion a crane out of a piece of origami paper using nothing but my own fair hands and a YouTube tutorial. It was very difficult, and ultimately I failed, but at least with my newfound experience I can now assure you that the masterpieces Lydia Kasumi manages to conjure out of what must amount to reams of coloured paper is nothing short of miraculous.

From what looks to be every fruit under the sun, to almost illusionary giant iridescent letters, the illustrator and set designer has a mastery over her medium that demands an impressed “ooooooh!” in response. Where some paper sculpture falls prey to the snappy jaws of overly-cutesy-straight-out-of-a-lifestyle-magazine niceness, Lydia skirts that dangerous territory and instead falls headfirst into graphic art inspired coolness, where the line and the angle are king and shiny paper is a thing to be embraced.


Lydia Kasumi Shirreff: New Romantic


Lydia Kasumi Shirreff: New Romantic


Lydia Kasumi Shirreff: R.PATTZ


Lydia Kasumi Shirreff: FEEL GOOD


Lydia Kasumi Shirreff: Apple Pine


Lydia Kasumi Shirreff: Amethyst


Lydia Kasumi Shirreff: ECOVER


Lydia Kasumi Shirreff: V for Biscuit