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Cathy Jo and Matthew Morgan’s shroom poofer: art meets life in the couple’s surreal furniture

Carly Jo and Matthew Morgan have collaborated in the past on jewellery, artworks and textiles but it’s their new line of rose marble, pastel velvet and walnut furniture – reminiscent of both neolithic rituals and 1980s hairdressers – that caught our attention.

Interested in working in the space between art and design, their custom furniture is produced with great attention to detail whilst maintaining all the idiosyncrasies of their process and materials. The furniture, produced under the moniker of Only Love is Real, includes chairs with names like Distant Vibes with Pillow, Canterbury Tales and Shroom Poofer and is inspired, as Carly Jo and Matthew described in a recent interview with Sight Unseen , by “Wendell Castle, Buckminster Fuller, hands, mountains and mystical journeys.”


Carly Jo & Matthew Morgan: Canterbury Tales


Carly Jo & Matthew Morgan: Semi Masculine Marble Mesa Table


Carly Jo & Matthew Morgan: Planets Crib


Carly Jo & Matthew Morgan: Shroom Poofer


Carly Jo & Matthew Morgan: Distant Vibes with Pillow


Carly Jo & Matthew Morgan: Semi Masculine Marble Mesa Table