Magdalena Bors: Jungle (detail)

Work / Photography

Australian artist Magdalena Bors turns mundane settings into beguiling fantasy worlds

Australian artist Magdalena Bors initially trained as an architect and her work retains an architectural interest in how we relate to our living spaces. But she’s taken this in fantastic and fantastical directions by creating and photographing weird and wonderful landscapes in domestic settings.

“Our connection with the natural world is the driving force behind my work,” she says. “I am fascinated by the simultaneous strength and fragility of this connection as we go about our lives, spending most of our time within the confines of the small compartments we call home.​”

So in Homelands we are confronted with surreal scenes in living rooms and garages, and left uncertain whether they exist only in the subjects’ minds, while in The Seventh Day the scenes feature everyday objects run amok such as sponges, drawing pins or cereal.

These beautiful, intriguing images throw up so many questions – from the process involved to the ideas Magdalena is playing out – pulling viewers in and not letting us go.


Magdalena Bors: Autumn


Magdalena Bors: Apostles


Magdalena Bors: Bungle Bungles


Magdalena Bors: Reef


Magdalena Bors: Jungle


Magdalena Bors: Woodland Scene


Magdalena Bors: Castle on the Hill


Magdalena Bors: Gorge


Magdalena Bors: Mountain Vista


Magdalena Bors: Peaks and Valley