Magoz: The New York Times (detail)

Work / Illustration

Magoz’s vibrant editorial illustrations are wonderfully minimal

Originally from Barcelona and now working in Finland, Magoz’s portfolio is a colourful jaunt through his editorial illustrations, which have appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines and adverts around the world.

Having been featured on the site before, it feels as though Magoz’s style has become even more refined with a client list that reflects that. The illustrator likes to focus on the conceptual which is probably why his images work so splendidly alongside text where the skill is in summarising the ideas in an article or advert through one image. His minimalism and choice of vibrant colours works really well here, especially when combined with his conscious omission of detail, shade and defined lines. This approach allows Magoz’s images to be clear, concise and as impactful as possible and we can’t get enough of them.


Magoz: Scientific American


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Magoz: The New York Times


Magoz: Pacific Standard


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Magoz: The New York Times