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31 May 2023


Mailchimp & Co is a platform built with marketers in mind – from freelancers heading up their own solo gigs to studio and agency owners. It takes into account every aspect of growing and maintaining your business, like building strong networks and having optimum outward-facing communications (13 million people use Mailchimp for their marketing), and provides an opportunity to get to know a community of creative leaders just like yourself.

One of the many challenges of being a freelancer or an agency owner is finding good, trusted advice – which is where Mailchimp & Co can help. On its insightful and varied blog, there are over 140 articles featuring business tips and success stories across a broad range of topics. Recent stand-out features include strategies on winning new clients, how you can practise self-care as a freelancer, and effective ways of marketing yourself or your company. If you’re looking to enrich your work with the help of a community full of like-minded individuals who have a wealth of insider industry knowledge, look no further than Mailchimp & Co.


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It’s all well and good having the best skills and a great company set-up – but often for businesses, clients are the difference between success and failure. A further benefit of Mailchimp & Co is the ways in which it helps you find, organise and manage multiple clients. Javier Moral, Mailchimp partner and CEO of the online marketing agency Disruptivos, detailed just how broadly it’s helped to grow business connections. “Being a Mailchimp partner means that you can stay in touch with loads of professionals from all over the world,” he says, “sharing your questions, your troubles, your skills and getting help from the Mailchimp team directly.”

The platform also offers bespoke insights into communities of creators through its yearly Benchmark Report. Free to download, Mailchimp & Co’s Benchmark Report is purpose-built for either agencies or freelancers, gathering invaluable insights from over 2,000 respondents, from 63 countries in their 2022 report.

For example, in its 2022 report targeted at agencies, Mailchimp & Co discovered that 66 per cent of responding agencies increased their revenue in 2021, while 49 per cent grew their teams. Most respondents additionally increased their hourly rate during this time. Those who did also reported higher profits, and agencies who gained between 41 and 61 per cent of their work through retainers reported the largest growth. In comparison, Mailchimp & Co’s report for freelancers reported a five-per-cent increase in freelancers earning more than $100,000 in revenue, while freelancers with both a national and international roster of clients reported faster business growth and higher revenue.


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Each Benchmark Report then takes valuable statistics such as these and translates the results into tangible advice, such as four top tips to unlock more profit in the future. Gaining insight into the tactics of your peers and learning how to sustain future business growth is key for any business and initiatives such as these from Mailchimp & Co aid knowledge-sharing to the benefit of its members.

No matter where you’re at in your career, there’s a place for you in Mailchimp & Co. It’s completely free to sign up and become a member, at which stage you’ll receive access to exclusive training, tools for managing multiple clients and rewards for helping people with Mailchimp. At the next stage, you can level up to become a partner, which includes the added benefits of getting more leads with a listing in Mailchimp’s exclusive Experts Directory, 24/7 priority support to optimise your ability to help your clients, and official partner page and co-market materials. The real crème de la crème is Mailchimp pro partner, where you’ll receive even more exposure in the Experts Directory, even more rewards, and access to partner managers.


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At It’s Nice That, we’re long-time supporters of Mailchimp & Co, having collaborated with the platform on our ongoing series Movers & Makers, which brings together stories of creative studio owners to understand just how they’ve carved out their own unique place in such a competitive industry. Highlights include advice from Studio Moross founder Aries Moross and Studio Fisk’s creative director Bijan Berahimi. In one particularly enlightening feature, Kat Romanoff, Mailchimp partner and founder of the Montreal-based creative agency Kromad, highlighted how integral Mailchimp & Co has been to the growth of her business. Touching on the wealth of the platform’s tutorials and courses, Kat said: “You get to learn so much more than just using Mailchimp, but also the right practices in general for sending out newsletters, creating different funnels, and more.”

If you’re looking for some sound guidance, a boost to your projects and client lists, or even simply a community of marketers to immerse yourself within, Mailchimp & Co should undoubtedly be your first port of call.

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