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29 February 2016
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Whether you deem yourself an artistic genius or creatively cack-handed, each and every one of you is capable of making something beautiful. This isn’t a self-help book, but a fact, thanks to a wonderful new project from digital artists FIELD which allows anyone with a computer to collaborate with them on a piece of living, breathing (sort of) generative art.

The Unique Flow project has been realised in partnership with Toyota’s new crossover, based on the C-HR Concept, and takes the form of a website where the user’s keyboard becomes their metaphorical paint, palette and synth. Each key triggers changes in the pieces’ movements, colours and sounds; meaning that every single visitor to the site will create a totally unique and rather lovely piece of digital art. By default, you also become a FIELD collaborator, which looks pretty cool on the CV.


FIELD: Unique Flow


FIELD: Unique Flow


FIELD: Unique Flow


FIELD: Unique Flow

While each piece of work is generated by the user, the framework behind the art concept traces the features of the new Toyota C-HR Concept car. It’s a match made in digital heaven: the car design means it looks like the vehicle is always in motion, seamlessly flowing through the urban environment; just as FIELD’s artistic wizardry flows across the screen.

It’s a very hypnotic process both to create and to watch: the design makes each interaction feel elegant and seamless, continually flowing but enabling you with the chance to take surprising turns and force a new mood and aesthetic. Once you’ve finished doing all that, you’ve got your very own gif, which you can save and share.

“The lights, mood and colour palettes have all been derived from the visual impressions of urban environments, by day and by night,” says FIELD. “The more the art is engaged with, the richer the experience becomes, as every key press makes the flow more active.”

The project heralds the launch of Toyota’s new C-HR Concept car on 1 March at the Geneva Motor Show.

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