Marc & Emma: The Garden Ape, (still, detail)

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New and utterly irresistible animation from filmmaking duo Marc & Emma

Clicking onto Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels’ portfolio site is something like tentatively stepping into a fantasy world inhabited by felt miniatures. Having previously concocted this magical short about woollen wrestling puppets, the Ghent-based filmmaking duo is now back with a new and equally enchanting puppet creation, and this time it’s a sweet, tiny green gorilla.

Made as part of an awareness campaign for Natuurpunt which is designed to encourage viewers to cultivate wilder gardens, the little beast swings from the hydrangeas, pokes at a visiting hedgehog and drinks from a puddle as his tiny articulated fingers move and his fur blows about in the breeze. He’s a miracle of puppetry, and Marc & Emma deserve a world of recognition for the sheer time and patience which must have gone into putting him together. See the behind-the-scenes shots below for a glimpse at exactly what that entails.


Marc & Emma: The Garden Ape, Behind the Scenes


Marc & Emma: The Garden Ape, Behind the Scenes


Marc & Emma: The Garden Ape, Behind the Scenes


Marc & Emma: The Garden Ape (still)