The Paper Dandy: The Amityville Horror

Work / Exhibition

Houses from famous horror films as kirigami sculptures from The Paper Dandy

We can’t be the only ones getting a bit tired of clipart pumpkins affixed to anything and everything in a desperate bid to cash in on Halloween and we were crying out for a genuinely interesting spooky surprise. Enter Marc Hagan-Guirey who makes kirigami (i.e. single-sheet) paper sculptures of the houses from famous scary films.

As both artists and horror fans tend to be obsessive about their passions, Marc is perfectly placed to bring these two worlds together, and the results from The Shining, The Addams Family and Psycho are impressively creepy. They also comment on the ways movie motifs affect our outlook on the world and fix certain architectural assumptions in our minds.

Marc goes under the moniker The Paper Dandy which we like and a show of his sculptures which opens today is called Horrorgami which we LOVE. Check out his work below as well as a nice video feature shot by The Headquarters. Happy Halloween all!

Horrorgami at Gallery One and a Half runs until November 14.


The Paper Dandy: The Addams Family


The Paper Dandy: The Addams Family (detail)


The Paper Dandy: The Exorcist


The Paper Dandy: The Exorcist (detail)


The Paper Dandy: The Shining


The Paper Dandy: The Shining (detail)