Marco Scozzaro: Fargas

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Marco Scozzaro celebrates some of the world’s most curiously appealing men

Some photographers rely on a stylist to bring a certain panache to a shot, others prefer to pick beautiful subjects who can do it themselves – no problem. Marco Scozzaro has the rare ability to pluck nonchalantly stylish men out of the hustle and bustle of the world and photograph them to make them almost God-like.

Whether it be an overweight naked man by some bricks, or a painfully cool man in shades, each subject seems to be emanating something along the lines of “This is who I am, deal with me.” Guy on a sofa eating cereal, sure, pretty normal, but put it in front of the lens of Scozzaro and watch this humdrum scene turn into something else entirely. This Midas-touch photographer is one of the best I’ve seen in a long while, hooray for men!


Marco Scozzaro: Andy Petr


Marco Scozzaro


Marco Scozzaro


Marco Scozzaro


Marco Scozzaro: Glenn O’Brien


Marco Scozzaro


Marco Scozzaro: Neoprimal/Neotribal