Work / Illustration

Brilliant, whimsical illustrations from RCA graduate Maria Ines Gul

Maria Ines Gul draws, paints and embroiders patterns of words, women and whimsy. Her illustrations are bright, funny and well-observed with great colours, details and expressions.
Maria graduated from the Royal College of Art earlier this year, and for the summer show she exhibited a Graduation Coat, a workwear jacket decorated with symbols forming a non-linear narrative of the creative process—worts and all.

Maria seems to be living the dream of drawing all day, every day. Whether it’s personal work, collaborations with friends, in her role as a staff illustrator for Rookie or commissions for the likes of London Fashion Week, Drawn & Quarterly or The Fader , Maria certainly seems busy.


Maria Ines Gul: Bored Girl


Maria Ines Gul: Two Women


Maria Ines Gul: Amandla Stenberg for Rookie


Maria Ines Gul: Girl


Maria Ines Gul: Hi Sssexy


Maria Ines Gul: Untitled


Maria Ines Gul: Grow Grow Grow