Maricor/Maricar: Macho Distrust

Work / Graphic Design

Lovely embroidered typography bursting with colour from Maricor/Maricar

Embroidery is pretty hot right now. Knitting is in knots and crochet is unravelling at how cool embroidery’s gotten. But wait, it’s just got a little bit slicker with the help of Sydney-based, twin sister studio Maricor/Maricar who have taken their embroidery skills and applied it to the equally glamorous world of typography to create wonderfully textured works of bright, swooping letters and even some pattern work too. There’s more than just needlework going on here though with real considered design and composition making it all the more impressive.

Not only are some of these works done just for fun, but what’s great to see is the client list other works have been created for, Esquire, Wired Magazine, ESPN Magazine and other creative outlets which might not at first glance seem like the natural home for needlework. Seeing alternative techniques being applied in editorial spreads and using a traditional craft in interesting typographical ways is very refreshing indeed.


Maricor/Maricar: Gusto Gusto!


Maricor/Maricar: Sesame Street Embroideries, Jim Henson Tribute Group Show


Maricor/Maricar: Hellas, What’s Next Magazine


Maricor/Maricar: Wired Magazine


Maricor/Maricar: Grotto Superstar, Esquire UK


Maricor/Maricar: Family set of Sweater Letters