Marion Fayolle: Projet de livre

Work / Illustration

Sweetness and hilarity make up the illustration of Marion Fayolle

You know sometimes in life you just need a visual injection of a man with a tree as a penis, walking a dog that may or may not be his girlfriend wearing a canine mask. Luckily French illustrator Marion Fayolle is here to answer all our sadistic, yet twee needs in these extraordinary illustrations for huge variety of French magazines and books. These detailed, magnificently coloured images often depict groups of people or families on a mysterious quest of some sort and the fact that her amazing stories are all in French makes it all the more mysterious, and makes me wish I had paid more attention in school so I could translate them and appreciate them even more.


Marion Fayolle: illustration pour le livre Histoire d’Ô au Grand Journal !


Marion Fayolle: Untitled


Marion Fayolle: Untitled


Marion Fayolle: la bouche


Marion Fayolle: Les voitures


Marion Fayolle: Les invités


Marion Fayolle: couverture du livre illustré Le tableau, éditions Magnani