Marius Roosendaal: 55 and 95

Work / Graphic Design

Marius Roosendaal distracts us with these wonderfully designed geometric posters

We all say we’ll do these little side projects we conjure up in our heads but usually it just ends in us saying things like: “I’ll build that table when I’ve finished this drawing of it” or “I just don’t know what wool to use” or “It’s still raining, I want to paint blue skies!” Marius Roosendaal is perhaps a little more productive though, setting out to “make something cool everyday” and while he may not have done it everyday, I’m willing to glaze over this because the posters he has produced are beautifully designed. Geometric shapes with wonderful hushed hues of purply-reds and blue-greens, there’s a simple sophistication to these that will continue to distract me from crocheting that pair of slippers I started in January.


Marius Roosendaal: Transform


Marius Roosendaal: Globe 3


Marius Roosendaal: 37


Marius Roosendaal: 30


Marius Roosendaal: 72


Marius Roosendaal: Sleepless Man