Marni: 100 Chairs

Work / Furniture Design

Marni’s foray into furniture is simple, colourful and beautiful

We sit down a lot, and complain when we’re not – so it’s definitely become a priority to have a sturdy base for our caboose. Luckily for us, designers make sure that our good-taste eye doesn’t become blinded by our desperation for any surface to sit on. Now, even luckier for us is clothing label Marni making a foray into furniture design at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair.

A limited edition series of 80 chairs, 10 deckchairs and 10 tables in an assortment of colours and models have been created as part of the label’s charity project that’s seen them collaborating with Columbian craftsmen (including ex prisoners) who’ve handmade the range. Using salvaged materials like concrete reinforcing bars to make the structures and plastic pipes to form the seats, Marni’s signature colour blocking comes into play throughout. It’s this simple blend of bright colours that have been specially selected by the Marni team and the basic structure of the pieces that works so brilliantly.


Marni: Comedor


Marni: Playera


Marni: Sala


Marni: Descanso


Marni: Sofa


Marni: Sala