Marta Długołęcka: Alice in Wonderland

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Baddies, books and bicycles — the crafty skills of Marta Długołęcka

So what do ice skaters, chefs, architects, and Marta Długołęcka all have in common? Well, they all possess the enviable skill of managing to make what they do look absolutely effortless. Yes these exquisite portraits of recognisable faces such as Frida Kahlo and Hendrix are made of what looks like Fimo but I’d like to see any of you try to squidge a bit of clay into something that looks remotely like anyone, or even make it look vaguely attractive. After honing this skill in the art of moulding and shaping, Warsaw-born Marta has proceeded to apply it to a number of briefs that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with the craft itself. Examples of this include her Dazed & Confused cover and the absolutely inspired selection of famous baddies from history.


Marta Długołęcka: In Memory of Frida Kahlo


Marta Długołęcka: The 27 Club


Marta Długołęcka: Sophie’s World


Marta Długołęcka: The Recyclables


Marta Długołęcka: Dazed and Confused cover


Marta Długołęcka : Villains, Despots and Bad Lads


Marta Długołęcka : Villains, Despots and Bad Lads