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Artist Martin Gordopelota captures the passion for amateur football in Argentina

Argentina has a rich and prestigious football heritage, gifting the world some of the most memorable moments and players in the history of the game. Artist Marin Gordopelota creates work inspired by the beautiful game, but not the tales of Maradona, Messi and that handball, but the amateur game. “My main inspiration is amateur futbol in Argentina, specifically five-a-side matches that most of all Argentinians play during the week with friends,” explains Martin. “I love the idea of representing the cultural-social side of beer bellies and cigarettes in opposition to the big industry of Messi-Ronaldo-Machine players.”

Inspired by the likes of gaucho painter Molina Campos, Bebeth, Mordillo and folk art in general, Martin’s images comment on the footballing culture of Argentina with a wry sense of humour. His characters are the antithesis of the heroic image of the professional footballer. Working mainly in acrylics on canvas or paper for his paintings, Martin writes down his ideas after playing the game with friends. His work has also been scaled up to adorn the walls of his home city Buenos Aires. “Some murals are part of festivals curated by artists or agencies that are friends,” he says. “Other murals are private commissions or self initiated projects.”


Martin Gordopelota: Chupitos Gorriti


Martin Gordopelota: El Collecionista


Martin Gordopelota: El Gringo


Martin Gordopelota:: El Mago


Martin Gordopelota: Etinglado


Martin Gordopelota: Naturaleza


Martin Gordopelota


Martin Gordopelota