Martin Groß: XRDN

Work / Art

Multi-storey pencil creations by the spectacular Martin Groß

It always baffles us when someone takes such a rudimentary tool and uses it to create something nothing short of spectacular. In the case of Martin Groß, his tool is a bleistift (for those of you that didn’t do German in school, that’s a lead pencil) and his visuals are like enormous, sci-fi architectural plans.

With the ability to make what look like reflected glass with such a medium is nothing short of heroic, and we have a lot of time for that. Really look at those layers and layers of what appear to be architectural sketches, but then transform in front of your eyes into something more like the sinking of a colossal ship into the ocean at night.


Martin Groß: Berkel


Martin Groß: Hikmet


Martin Groß: Ryta


Martin Groß: Patupov


Martin Groß: Untitled


Martin Groß: Untitled


Martin Groß: Untitled