Martin Martonen: Minibar Artist Space

Work / Graphic Design

Graphic designer Martin Martonen uses type beautifully throughout his work

Typography has the wonderful ability to shape not only how we see text but also how we read it, it’s there to guide us through whatever visual experience it may be with ease. It’s a bit like the encouraging nudge you’d get from your mum to let you know that it’s okay to go and run around the playground wild with your hands flailing in the air.

Leading us to the typographical slides and swings of design is Helsinki designer, Martin Martonen whose portfolio is a swell mix of bright colours and clever and exciting layouts. He uses type to encapsulate different moods that correlate with the specific piece of work he’s producing and our eyes dance with all the beautiful and quirky spacing he’s employed too. With work ranging from posters and editorial spreads to brand identities, Martin’s work is a refreshing joy to look through.


Martin Martonen: Chop Shop


Martin Martonen: Tuli ja Savu


Martin Martonen: Torso 3


Martin Martonen: Minibar Artist Space


Martin Martonen: Minibar Artist Space


Martin Martonen: Disco Romantico