Martin Nicolausson: Marangoni Institute

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Illustration: More updates from the ever-excellent Martin Nicolausson!

“Martin Nicolausson is perhaps the only Swedish illustrator and graphic designer with the name Martin Nicolausson” begins his illustrator bio. “This is important as originality is one of his most admired principles.” Fortunately for Martin then originality is one aspect of his illustration which he has absolutely nailed, churning out work as he does. We’re huge fans, both for his assured combination of digital and nostalgia-influenced imagery and for his faultlessly bold colour palette.

We’re not the only ones either – a varied client list pays tribute to his unhesitating style, while his newer work for the Festival au Désert showcases a simpler, stripped-back side to his usually busy aesthetic. Whether this stylistic change marks a momentary respite for his busy brain or a more permanent change of pace, we’re not sure, but either way he does it very well.


Martin Nicolausson: White Ribbon Alliance/Glastonbury 2013


Martin Nicolausson: Vikings


Martin Nicolausson: Wrap Magazine


Martin Nicolausson: Soirée Graphique


Martin Nicolausson: Festival au Désert


Martin Nicolausson: Marangoni Institute


Martin Nicolausson: Marangoni Institute