Martin Usborne: I’m fine, I agree, Nice to meet you

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Photography: Martin Usborne’s back with another brilliant series of dog portraits

It’s not often you see a creative project that allows animals to speak up with a distinctly human voice (at least not outside of Disney’s Lady and the Tramp), but that’s exactly what Martin Usborne’s most recent series, Nice to Meet You, looks to do.

Leading on from his previous pet-centric project The Silence of Dogs in Cars, Martin uses captions to match sentiments of angst and false contentment with images of the pooches photographed through various translucent surfaces – a shield of hazy smoke, a pane of steamed up glass and a sheet of gauzy fabric all included. The uncertainty of the beautiful images juxtaposed with their textual counterparts gives these beautiful photographs an undertone of suffering in silence.

And Martin’s dedication to the plight of animals isn’t limited to photographing his favourite canines; he is 256 days into his year-long pledge to save as many animals as possible; domestic, farm, fish, birds, wild/scary and weird/unknown all included. You can read his manifesto and track his progress here.


Martin Usborne: I love you


Martin Usborne: I also work at the bank


Martin Usborne: You look great


Martin Usborne: It’s OK


Martin Usborne: It was a long time ago


Martin Usborne: Well done


Martin Usborne: I’m fine


Martin Usborne: I agree


Martin Usborne: Nice to meet you