Matias Santa Maria: Tidre

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Round of pool with a tiger? Matias Santa Maria’s game if you are

You know you’re on to a winner when you come across an artist whose portfolio consists almost entirely of spaceship attacks, tigers, and police chases. So onwards into the strange, yet brilliant mind of Matias Santa Maria, a Chilean artist with a particular knack for inventing new, video game-like worlds of oils and gouache like a total pro. Matias has honed his skill of depicting the perfect UFO laser beam to perfection, and his picture of a guy in shades playing pool against a tiger? Oh, yeah, that, no big deal, it’s only one of the best things I’ve seen all year. Go Matias.


Matias Santa Maria: Pool party


Matias Santa Maria: Untitled


Matias Santa Maria: Untitled


Matias Santa Maria: Pomaire


Matias Santa Maria: lareZ


Matias Santa Maria: Subir