Fukutoshi Ueno: Dress Code


Coco Flip: Coco Pendant


The Matilda area at designjunction


Coco Pendant lights and Yellow Diva furniture


Henry Wilson: Anglepoise Lamps


Charles Trevelyan: Titanic Lamp


Wambamboo: Tectonic


David Pidcock: Filament Table


Stefan Lie: Genie teapot

Work / London Design Festival 2011


With more than 30 countries taking part in this year’s London Design Festival there’s a great opportunity to explore the creative offerings from cultures with which we are not familiar. How’s your knowledge of the Slovenian design scene for example? But it’s our antipodean cousins who have brought the most exciting show to these shores, with 30 Australian designers being showcased in the Matilda area at designjunction. Definitely worth a waltz through (sorry).

If first-rate craftsmanship is an international standard, then there are definitely discernible Australian qualities throughout the work on display here – it’s simple, fresh and quirky, reflective perhaps of the young, vibrant and dynamic creative scene that is coming out of a country so inspired by space, sea and sky.

Recent graduate Henry Wilson caught our eye with his reinterpretations of design classics, which he discusses below.

Charles Trevelyan’s Titanic Lamp cannot but raise a smile, Coco flip’s Coco Pendant lights are gorgeous and Stefan Lie’s Genie teapot is a beguiling mixture of the exotic and the familiar.

It may not be a design scene we hear an awful lot about, but on this evidence that may all be about to change.