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Matt and Dan’s stark graphic posters for Daniel Avery’s Divided Love

What started as a cassette tape turned into two EPs, then an album and then a pan-global series of events. As DJ Daniel Avery pursued his Divided Love idea, designers Matthew Pell and Daniel Bartha, aka Matt and Dan, were with him every step of the way designing artwork and posters for each incarnation. A set of four posters for the events (and two more for Avery’s Japan dates) has been produced at Peckham Print Studio for Avery’s label Phantasy Sound. “We started off working in music, hence the crossover,” says Matt. “Most of our work is branding and identity, but we are increasingly moving into art direction.” The poster designs adhere to a strict framework for the text with the artwork moving around the layout. “Daniel had a clear aesthetic vision that he wanted us to deliver,” says Dan. “The concept was very monochrome and graphic. The artworks were based on light, and the structures you find in nightclub lighting. As Divided Love moved between locations, we wanted to find a graphic that would relate to each space. Not necessarily in a completely literal way.”


Matt and Dan, Divided Love, London 2014


Matt and Dan, Divided Love, LA 2015


Matt and Dan, Divided Love, New York 2015


Matt and Dan, Divided Love, New York 2015


Matt and Dan, Daniel Avery shows, Japan 2015


Matt and Dan, Daniel Avery shows, Japan 2015