GRACE JONES “ON YOUR KNEES” (1979) Sleeve by Richard Bernstein


St. Paradise ‘St. Paradise’ (1979) Cover art and design by Ernie Thormahlen and Mick Rock/TRA Studios Inc.


Cerrone V Angelina (1979) Cover concept Cerrone. Photography by Patrick Perroquin. Design by Creac


DEVO “Q: ARE WE NOT MEN? A: WE ARE DEVO!” (1978) Devolved comuta-posite cover graphic courtesy of Devo Inc. Graphic Supervision by John Cabalka


LIPPS, INC ‘PUCKER UP’ (1980) Art Direction by Phyllis Chotin. Design by Art Hotel. Illustration by Sketch Bruckner


AMANDA LEAR “BLOOD AND HONEY” (1976) Illustration/Design unknown


Sparks ‘Kimono My House’ (1974) Art direction by Nicholas de Ville. Photography by Karl Stoeker


JORGE SANTANA (1978) Cover Painting by John Kacere. Design by Milton Glaser Inc


The Korgis ‘Dumb Waiters’ (1980) Art direction by Rowbottom & Balme


CLIMAX BLUES BAND “FLYING THE FLAG” (1980) Art Direction/Design by Tim Ritchie. Cover image by Tsunehisa Kimura


VISITORS “VISITORS” (1984) Cover image by Wojtek Siudmak. Design by CGD Studio


The Berlin Affair / Original Soundtrack (1985) Design/Image Unknown


Victory ‘Victory’ (1985) Layout by Drate Salavetz. Photography by Geoffrey Hargrave Thomas

Work / Music

Matt Maitland: Leopard Tree Dream

I often long to pick the brains of my favorite artists, just to get a peek inside the mind that made the stuff I go all giddy over. And while I may never fully understand the imagery in Matt Maitland’s crazy-sexy-tacky collages, I do now know the inspiration behind all the 1980s babes and big cats that so often appear in them. Matt’s made a ton of album covers for peeps like Beck, Basement Jaxx and Goldfrapp and in 2011 he started Leopard Tree Dream, a tumblr-based show-and-tell of retro record covers from his private collection. This is no half-hearted side project mind you; the archive is big, well-curated, and full of insightful quips about the original artists and designers. As the man himself says, “Enjoy!”