Matthew Craven: Arrangement I (Unclassified) (detail)

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Art: Matthew Craven’s new exhibition offers a fascinating perspective on the role of the museum

Inspired by the testing task of piecing together archaeological remains within a museum context, Matthew Craven’s new exhibition Oblivious Path has a fun time of recreating the opaqueness which its title suggests. The works included in the show are collages composed of drawings, relics, and images from lost cultures, and to see them gathered together in a collective seems to recreate the sensation one has when walking around a haughty museum with impenetrable captions. The pieces are all there – it’s just the act of placing them in a comprehensible order which proves tricky.

Just to complicate the concept further, Matthew’s work challenges established notions of time and place by raising questions about the way we use artworks to connect with the past. His compositions are stunning too – hypnotic, kaleidoscopic, geometric and studded with stars, which is exactly how we like our spatio-temporal challenges to be.

Oblivious Path will run until October 20 at New York’s DCKT Gallery.


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