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Artist Matthew F Fisher paints seascapes and wildlife with vivid precision

Artist Matthew F Fisher demonstrates a fondness for all things sea-based in his latest series of paintings, where he depicts waves, slippery rocks and seagulls in vivid pastel hues and mesmerising blues. Matthew has painted waves and the ocean in the past but this new set of works feel richer and more detailed in their creation.

The artist’s paintings feel almost otherworldly with his use of such striking colours in landscapes that are devoid of people. Based in Brooklyn, Matthew’s graphic style feels computer generated with an air of 80s nostalgia, but each painting is hand-painted using acrylics on canvas.

The precision of his brushstrokes and linework creates a very stylised impression of the sea and its characteristics. In Matthew’s world waves crash in neat arcs in some paintings and in another a smiling crescent moon sits perfectly central.


Matthew F Fisher: The Five


Matthew F Fisher: Fall Night Fell


Matthew F Fisher: Father and Son


Matthew F Fisher: The East


Matthew F Fisher: The Good Philip


Matthew F Fisher: The Sea and I