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Matthew Rangel

I love cartography; the quality of maps, particularly old ones, for being both beautiful, precise images, but also holding a plethora of data. Studying architecture, I learnt to appreciate the art of mapping in all its guises. Perhaps that’s why I find Matthew Rangel’s work so evocative, a palimpsest of topographical information and historical surveys set against emotional readings / depictions of a place.

A transect – Due East is perhaps the most complete body of work documenting his walks (travelling due east of course) into the foothills and Sierra Nevada Mountains. Part narrative, part illustrative, it indicates the sheer drama of the landscape Rangel experienced on his walks.

There is rich historical traditions romanticising the art of walking, as psycho geographic enthusiasts well know. I recommend reading Wanderlust: A History of Walking by Rebecca Solnit for anyone interested in finding out more.