Matthieu Venot: Ground Loop (crop)

Work / Photography

Matthieu Venot’s colourful, geometric shots of pastel buildings

Yesterday marked the official start of summer and the optimistic air of Matthieu Venot’s many-hued photographs of buildings brightly capture the seasonal mood. The self-taught photographer turns architectural details in and around his hometown of Brest in southern France into cleanly composed and colourful abstract images shot against cloudless skies. He has now created six series of these architectural abstractions all demonstrating the same sensitivity to the formal elements of picture taking. With his vivid palette and rather modernist eye, Matthieu’s work is in keeping the tradition of architecture photography as well as a longstanding tête-à-tête between art and architecture. He is currently working on a new series about industrial areas, and was just part of an exhibition with eight other photographers in Paris called Perspective Carré.


Matthieu Venot: Ground Loop


Matthieu Venot: Who Want Sky


Matthieu Venot: Ground Loop


Matthieu Venot: Ain’t Got No Troubles


Matthieu Venot: Firework


Matthieu Venot: Ground Loop


Matthieu Venot: Ground Loop