Max J. Marshall: Fawn

Work / Photography

Each of Max J. Marshall and Andrea Nguyen’s photographs display an entire scientific theory

It’s tempting, when seeing a photography project based around scientific facts on Wikipedia, to think it’s a satirical project highlighting the occasionally false nature of the tool we rely on daily for information. It’s pleasantly surprising, though, to find that Max J. Marshall and Andrea Nguyen’s approach was to trust Wikipedia, pluck insanely complicated scientific facts from its erudite pages and then go about representing each one with a single photograph. Although we lack information on exactly which facts these images represent, we are safe in the knowledge that the task was successfully completed, and that Max J. Marshall is a genius (See ‘Apple’ photo for confirmation).


Max J. Marshall: Bismuth


Max J. Marshall: Dry


Max J. Marshall: Apple


Max J. Marshall: Pumice


Max J. Marshall: Beetle


Max J. Marshall: Birdie