May’s Things has all the photography mags and illustration zines you could ask for!

3 May 2019

It’s finally May, which means it’s also finally time for another edition of Things! This time around we’ve got a huge mix of illustrative and photographic publications, from a magazine looking at the most exciting projects and figures within the African millennial scene, to the 17th issue of Webby, which features work from some of It’s Nice That’s favourite artists. Plenty of inspiration to be found in here, then. Plus, don’t miss a new release by Laurence King featuring over 200 tips from renowned designer Michael Johnson on how to keep those creative juices flowing!

Night Windows

The first children’s book by Dutch illustrator Aart Janvenema, Night Windows tells the story of a boy moving from the countryside to the city, and overcoming his newfound loneliness by throwing a party for all of his neighbours. Inside, Aart’s bold and beautiful illustrations, which have made an appearance on our site before, capture all the colours and details of a vibrant urban landscape.

Beneficial Shock

Searching for an alternative to Little White Lies? Then look no further than Beneficial Shock: a bi-annual film magazine that “champions progressive thinking from contemporary film-makers”. Relying entirely on illustration, the title is a journey not just through modern-day movies, but a range of brilliant illustrative styles too. This issue looks at war and peace, and the human race’s penchant for brutality, as well as our desire for harmony.

Native Magazine

Referring to itself as the “reliable pulse of the African millennial”, Native is a quarterly magazine that champions the art, music and style of young Africans, and the communities in which they thrive. In an effort to bridge the gap between the underground and the mainstream, the mag features both emerging and established figures. It hopes to be the definitive guide to the African diaspora’s creative scenes.

Auto Focus

Published by The Central Library, a small studio in northwest England, Auto Focus is a series of zines by photographer Sam Waller. With each issue looking at a different city or country, the three releases so far take Manchester, San Francisco and Slovenia as their subject matter. The result of various trips abroad and at home, the different series showcase Sam’s highlights from his travels. Portraits, landscapes and candid shots come together to form an intriguing portrayal of each destination.

Wobby 17: Wicked Women

Wicked Women is the 17th instalment of Wobby, a quarterly zine by Dutch art collective Made up of Jeroen de Leijer, Marjolein Schalk and Steppie Lloyd Trumpstein, the studio was established in 2015 and has created artists’ books, magazines and prints. This release features the work of a host of talented female – and a few male – illustrators, including Maria Medem and Stefhany Lozano.

Ego No Ego

After Jen Uman began caring for her mum, who became a paraplegic 24 years ago, she had a realisation. Her mum’s resilience led Jen to understand that there are real problems some people have to deal with, and that living with resentment and drama is – in fact – a luxury. This zine is a product of that realisation, and through Jen’s charming black-and-white illustrations, captures the process and stages of looking after her mum, as well as the moments in between.


Loupe’s offering is simple: well-executed images and fascinating projects. Aiming to showcase the best in contemporary photography, the magazine is a no-frills look at a well-curated global selection of work. This ninth release will be the last un-themed edition of the publication, with issue 10 set to explore the subject of national identity.

Franco Leidi: Return

Coinciding with an exhibition of the same name in Genoa, this title by Wirklichkeit Books looks at the life of Franco Leidi, an Italian artist who was also a self-declared communist and whose oeuvre revolved mainly around his experiences of World War II as a child. A mixture of drawing, print, watercolour, sculpture and installation, the book gathers his wide-ranging projects together to create a fitting tribute to a fascinating figure.

Now Try Something Weirder

In this new book by Michael Johnson, the award-winning graphic designer provides 233 tips on how to avoid creative blocks. From cherishing your weirdest thoughts (they might, after all, lead to the best ideas) to always having a camera on hand (no, not the one on your phone), Michael’s advice will keep the ideas coming and the workflow flowing.


The latest release from Hoxton Mini Press, Funland is an in-depth look at British seaside culture through the lens of photographer Rob Ball. Featuring all the usual suspects such as Brighton and Blackpool, this book captures the strange and garish scenes that these quintessentially British coastal towns have become known for since their heyday.

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