Leaving the Marble Pool. Photo by Nick Ballon


A pool of marble, in Marble Kingdom. Photo by Ludovic des Cognets


Micronations Revolution. Photo by Yohanna Akladious


Wooden medieval horses fight details. Photo by Ludovic des Cognets


Escape from 20,000 leagues under the sea by Andrew Friend. Photo by Yohanna Akladious


Mashmallows sculpture workshop. Photo by Yohanna Akladious


Scuba diving classes. Photo by Yohanna Akladious.jpg


Mr Smith’s Office. Photo by Noe Inigo


Micronations Revolution. Photo by Yohanna Akladious

Work / Miscellaneous

Micronations Revolution

Micronations Revolution is the moniker of an incredibly ambitious event directed, curated and written by the excellent Nelly Ben Hayoun. Last month’s two-day event included a series of interactive, participative experiences and experiments questioning the use of Design with imaginary politics. Don’t let the complex concept put you off, especially when a wit and drive like Nelly’s is involved. We’ve got a lovely visual summary here and in Nelly’s own words, “Participants experienced imaginary societies while communicating with a yeti on the top of an ice cube.” My favourite piece has to be this, the beautiful Marble Kingdom.