Milano Chow: Feet Ascending Stairs

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No big deal but these are perhaps the most beautiful drawings you’ll see all week

There’s nothing quite like an artist who’s managed to master one of the most basic mediums and transform it into something utterly unique. Milano Chow, whose work in the past few years has graduated from tranquil, photo-real portraits into surreally abstract works of art, is this type of creative. Coffee cups, books and other familiar life detritus litters the spaces around her characters, who have that friendly, crumpled look of being over-loved perhaps by the artist herself. Plants are also a reoccurring feature in Milano’s pictures, often just hanging out in the sun with a human being, or wilting by a rainy window. I don’t often say this, but I want to own one of these.


Milano Chow: Seated Figure


Milano Chow: Poppies


Milano Chow: Feet Ascending Stairs


Milano Chow: Window View With Tulip


Milano Chow: Medicine Cabinet


Milano Chow: Window View With Walnuts


Milano Chow: Bookshelf