Florence Boyd: Black Dogs

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Interesting Mill Co. exhibition proves we really are better together

There are many great films which whatever they purport to be about, are actually about co-operation. Cool Runnings? Co-operation. Independence Day? Co-operation. Reservoir Dogs? Well you get the idea, and the Third Annual Mill Co. Exhibition is further proof that co-operation is a belting theme for creatives.

Spread throughout the organisation’s impressive new east London space The Mill Co. Project, the show takes in graphic design, photography, illustration, film, photography and sculpture with some really top-notch work on display.

Both Eleanor Marechal’s handsome visualisations of Ebenezer Howard’s Garden City principles and Florence Boyd’s darker dog-based illustration tackle urban spaces in interesting ways while the wonderfully titled sorryimworking’s Instagram photographs capture co-operation of the natural and manmade worlds.

Rhiannon Adam showcases both a beautiful illustration of a flock of swallows and a photo documentation of some of the key buildings in the history of the co-operative movement and there’s a host of great prints from the likes of Tom Frost, Claire Scully, Toby Stevens and David Hazell.

The show, which runs until November 23, is in association with The Co-operative, so it’s eye candy with a social conscience. Yes please…


Eleanor Marechal: Garden City


Eleanor Marechal: Garden City (detail)


Rhiannon Adam: Many Small People, Many Small Places (detail)


Rhiannon Adam: Swallows


sorryimworking: untitled


Tom Frost: Working Together


Toby Stevens: Concurved


David Hazell: Block


Claire Scully: Many Hands