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Mills: App Recommendations

As part of our interview with ustwo co-founder Mills earlier in the week, we asked him to recommend a few of his favorite apps. Due to the size of that interview, we decided to hold back from publishing them at the same time, and have instead added a Sunday post. (Note: ustwo have also continued their recent success of Nursery Rhymes with DOT5URBO™, created specifically for playing on the toilet. It’s a one touch “no thrills, thrill ride” that takes the player on an adrenalin rush to dizzyville. It’s the quintessential game of lightening reflexes, tunnel vision and survival.)


The diary for diary haters! It keeps an insane diary of all my social madness, and lets me easily look back at how moronic or ‘social’ I have been on any given day. It now comes with Instagram support and logs your Twitter and Facebook posts (as well as others) into one beautiful holistic user interface. Available on iPhone.

iA Writer

Surely the simplest writing tool around! It takes the process of writing something down and strips it to its purest and rawest form, removing any visual clutter. Absolute simplicity which lets you concentrate on the job in hand. For me it helps me with the creation of the most perfect and smoothest flow of drafted verse. Available on iPad.


This makes Apple TV make even more sense! It allows you to take full and easy advantage of YouTube on your TV by offering up your iPhone’s keyboard to type on. It’s an Apple TV lifesaver and makes selecting the best videos 100 times easier and more enjoyable compared with the standard remote! Available on iPhone.


What I love about the App Store are the apps that don’t take themselves too seriously. This is one of them, and not only does it not take itself seriously but also it allows you to not take yourself seriously. Record your mouth saying something stupid or funny and plant it on the face of your mate or a famous person. Available on iPhone.


Akinator is based on the twenty questions concept – meaning that it determines the character I’m thinking about in my head, by asking me loads of questions. Akinator the genie aka the genius pretty much always knows who I’m thinking of. I dare not challenge him again. It’s pub perfection. Available on iPhone.

Pulse News Reader

For when I need news on the go all in one place! Beautiful and easy to use this is THE news apps of news apps. It’s clean and easy to read and I can share what I want when I want through social meeja! Available on iPhone and iPad.

Crop and Straighten

All about cropping and straightening images! The numerous times I’ve take photos only to have to attempt to recrop using the pinch zoom and screenshot technique (truly pro) is numerous. This tidy tool allows me to tweet or share knowing I have the crop de jour. Available on iPhone and iPad.