Mirage Magazine: Issue 4

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Henrik Purienne and Frank Rocholl’s “jet set hedonism” magazine, Mirage No.4

As far as guilty pleasures go, this is the gift that keeps on giving. A weighty, velvety publication that flops around seductively in your arms, Mirage No.4 is the lovechild of Frank Rocholl and Henrik Purienne. Focusing on “Fashion, Swimwear and Jetset Hedonism,” the magazine aims to document the more beautiful things in life: girls, sunshine, architecture, vintage cars, sportsmen and the 1970s.

It does so with an air of inaccessible cool that takes you back to watching the trendiest kids drive away in a car together after school. You’re left behind, and they probably didn’t even notice you were there. Henrik and Frank have made it past the tricky second issue, and even the third, and are back with the fourth instalment of this utterly aphrodisiacal magazine which I happen to adore. Here they are on Mirage No.4.

To hear more about this issue of Mirage, head over to our podcast Studio Audience where we discuss it in more detail.

Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong era?

Rocholl: Constantly. 
Purienne: No. I love to complain.

Tell us about this issue

Rocholl: The Paris Utopia/California Dreaming feeling is stronger.  Weird, because we edited No.4 in a Nowegian Cabin in the snow.
Purienne: It’s basically a selection of images and text printed on paper.


Mirage Magazine: No.4

A lot of magazines barely make it past their second issue – how does it feel to reach number four?

Rocholl: Great. Proud. Things are getting easier when people have heard about you.
Purienne: I was really relying on your second issue theory. Now it’s like, a “thing.” 

How long does it take you to complile an issue of Mirage?

Rocholl: We’re like a band. It’s ready when it’s ready.
Purienne: On average around 47 hours.

Tell us about how you guys select the content to go within it – is there a theme per issue?

Rocholl : We’ve made a long listing of inspiring stuff when we’ve started. We´re still in the middle of that list. 
Purienne: Like most things in my life, it’s left up to the Magic 8 ball.

What kind of feedback have you received from readers?

Rocholl: No.1 – We love your magazine. Do you accept submissions? No.2 – Your content is incredibly hot while your style is so cool. Can I work for you? And No.3. – Where can I buy issues 1-3?
Purienne: Someone sent me dog poo in the post last week. But it could be unrelated. 

“Three rules to live by: Buy a vintage car. Find a muse (male or female). Find a place in the sun. Not necessarily in this order.”

Frank Rocholl, Mirage Magazine

We love the features on Brad Elterman and David Pilosof – how did they come about?

Rocholl: David Pilosof is a Dover Street Market find. Such a fascinating, simple idea.
Purienne: I met the legendary 70s rock photographer Brad Elterman at the Chateau Marmont over some escargot and a delightful Sauvignon. We were drunk with mutual intrigue and dancing on the tables!

Why did you guys want to make Mirage in print?

Rocholl: It’s more academic and elusive.
Purienne: It just smells so much better. 

What makes a Mirage girl?

Rocholl: Clone the young Lauren Hutton, Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin and you have it.
Purienne: It’s just a vibe. You have it or you don’t.


Mirage Magazine: No.4

This issue is predominantly architecture, cars, women and sport. I don’t like any of these things that much, but can you explain to me why I happen to love Mirage regardless of this fact?

Rocholl: Because it’s about a Mirage feeling. Even the shoots feel like 16 short movies in a Mirage movie. So this is not about the latest trend, its about a growing compilation of Mirage subjects and objects.
Purienne: Because you realised Mirage is not the sum of its parts. 

Give us three rules to live by.

Rocholl: Buy a vintage car. Find a muse (male or female). Find a place in the sun. Not necessarily in this order.
Purienne: Take time to think. Once you know who you are, everything else is easy. 


Mirage Magazine: No.4


Mirage Magazine: No.4


Mirage Magazine: No.4


Mirage Magazine: No.4


Mirage Magazine: No.4


Mirage Magazine: No.4


Mirage Magazine: No.4


Mirage Magazine: No.4


Mirage Magazine: No.4


Mirage Magazine: No.4


Mirage Magazine: No.4


Mirage Magazine: No.4