Lazybones: Come Back/Don’t Go

Work / Illustration

Miranda Lorikeet has been pushing MS Paint to its pastel gradient limit

Sydney-based Miranda Lorikeet, or Lazybones, is an HR assistant by day, taking spare moments, evenings and weekends to produce gradient and island filled drawings on MS Paint. Using pictures of sunsets for colour reference, and taking a day per image – working for hours to get the mountain ridges and gradients just right, Miranda is crazy prolific. Her work has something of the “outsider” about it: it’s intuitive and strays only from seascapes, cliffs and rocky mountains to depict butts and sunglasses.

Miranda captions her drawings with comments like “a drawing about finding something and letting it go” and “a drawing about when you leave the party to be alone for a bit.” They’re bleak, bright and a great use of a broadly void piece of technology.


Lazybones: Dive/Survive


Lazybones: Here/There


Lazybones: Sand Dunes/Full Moon


Lazybones: Poolside Views


Lazybones: He/She


Lazybones: Girls/Oasis