Misaki Kawai: Surf

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Misaki Kawai pouring happiness all over the world one installation at a time

Once you get past the wonderfully colourful aesthetic of Misaki’s installations, paintings, drawings, clothes, statues and films, what really hits you is the sheer quantity of it all. In the same way that you may have up-ended your toy box when you were a little younger, it’s as if someone’s tipped Misaki upside-down and these fantastical creations have just come rolling out and bouncing around all over the world.

The best part is, it seems Misaki’s creations are getting bigger! Gone are the small paintings, welcome in the enormous room-filling sculptures and installations that would fill even the world’s biggest grump with a feeling of happiness and utopian joy. Keep going Misaki! Long may you continue to create what no one else possibly could.


Misaki Kawai: Search and Rescue


Misaki Kawai:


Misaki Kawai: Communication Centre


Misaki Kawai: Fuzzy Love


Misaki Kawai: installation