Mitch Blunt: Giving patients a voice, Science Focus

Work / Illustration

Mitch Blunt’s illustrations for the corporate world are colourful and smart

Now, there are some publications that can’t be whimsical in their copy, they must stick to the facts and be rationally straightforward. I’m talking about the science, financial and business magazine guys who have to communicate ideas in an orderly fashion so as not to end up making things up. Once in a while though they like to jazz those articles up a bit with some fun illustrations and here I usher in the work of Mitch Blunt who’s done a lot of this type of work for clients such as Bloomsburg Businessweek, Modus Magazine and FT Weekend as well as whole host of other publications both the factual and culturally creative.

Featured on the site not once, but twice it’s pretty clear that Mitch’s style has radically changed, whether this is to do with who he’s doing work for or a natural progression who knows? But what’s great is that I don’t really mind because the imagination and smart ideas Mitch executes, by using blocks of bright colours and flat textured shapes are more than enough to convince me he’s pretty damn good at what he does.


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